About Us

It is our mission to bring you the finest pool cue values in the world. We produce cues using the best materials, to the tightest standards and with the coolest designs. We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you. Thus we can offer a great selection on great cues. Although it is hard to tell from a picture on the internet, you can be sure that our cues consistently beat the competition in overall appearance, fit, and finish. We invite comparison because we know our products and we know the competition’s products. Sterling excels in all points that make a good cue.

Enough about us; What about you and what you are looking for? Need some house cues, one-piece cues? We have commercial grade, durable ones in several lengths – House Cues.

Looking for a good first pool cue for the little shooters in your house? Our Kid’s Cues fit the bill nicely there. They are balanced perfectly to feel like a normal sized cue but allow for normal stroking for those not quite big enough yet. Also makes good cues for the tight places around the table. – Kid’s Cues

Would you like to express yourself a little more? Maybe one of our Graphics Cues will appeal to your taste. We commissioned 14 works to create this line, with some from famous artists and rising stars in their genres. Dolphins, Dragons, Skulls, Wolves, and Tattoo Art make up the 06/07 collection. – Graphic Cues

Maybe you would like to find just the right color to go with your room decor? The Designer Line features many cues in with funky colors and flavors. Check out the ones painted with the oil and water technique. Each one is absolutely unique. – Designer Cues

Budget really tight? Need some cues that you don’t mind seeing abused? Perhaps the Discount Line has what you seek. These are the entry level for the two-piece cues. Nice looking, good playing, not much money. – Discount Cues

Maybe you need a pool cue gift with a little more tradition but with some modern flair? In that case the Artistic Cues are what you need. Here we asked the designers to give us some hip and some color with matching wraps and to jazz up the traditional symmetrical patterns. As you will see they have done just that with this line, well worth a look. – Artistic Cues

“Are you a hustler Amos?”, remember that line from The Color of Money? When Paul Newman’s character, Fast Eddie, gets hustled by a local pool shark? The cues in the Specialty Line are there to feed your inner hustler, we have four styles of Sneaky Petes, including the truest of them all, the one that looks just like a house cue. We have Jump/Break cues and Jump Cues in there as well. – Specialty Cues

Perhaps you are looking for more quality with less flash? If so then the Classic Line should have what you need. These cues are the entry into the professional grade with polished stainless steel joints, irish linen wraps, and high gloss finishes. – Classic Cues

Are you ferocious? Do you like tigers, spiders, dinosaurs and so on? Check out the Wildlife Line to see if your animal is represented. Also we have dolphins, spiders, and wolves in the graphic series. – Wildlife Cues.

Thank you again for taking the time to browse through our selection of pool cues and pool sticks. We hope you find just the right one to match your needs. If we don’t carry just what you need then please contact us and allow us to try and locate it for you from one of our sales partners.